Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


Our clients choose our clinic because all of our therapists undergo intense training to become Certified ADHD Professionals. We provide a whole systems approach to treat multiple aspects of ADHD and begin treatment comprehensively, which may or may not include medication. If medication is a chosen treatment option, our clinic has a good working relationship with an excellent, local medical doctor to coordinate your treatment. This ensures the highest quality of care and fastest symptom relief. In cases where both medication and our comprehensive approach are used together, clients typically report greater long term symptom relief than either approach alone. We will take the time to explain the actual disorder and will help you separate out your genuine self from the ADHD.

Our Clinical Director, Rob Schuh says, "I chose to specialize in ADHD due to my own personal experiences receiving ineffective and substandard care. Growing up with ADHD, I know first hand the struggles ADHD individuals face on a day to day basis. I grew increasingly disappointed with the severe lack of education around ADHD in the vast majority of Graduate and Doctoral level programs. My approach to ADHD treatment is heavily influenced by current research around the disorder and those who live with it." 

ADHD is one of the most researched disorders in existence. There are thousands of peer reviewed studies around ADHD. One such study involved 10,000 participants. This is virtually unheard of in the research world! The reality is that ADHD is an extremely pervasive neuro-developmental disorder. It is NOT a made up disorder to “push pills” by pharmaceutical companies. The single most effective intervention is medication, which treats roughly 60% of the presenting symptoms. This is true IF you choose only one intervention! Our recommendation is don’t use just one intervention.

Due to the pervasive impact of ADHD, we also work with partners, children, and families of clients living with ADHD. When working with school age clients, we offer to work with the school to ensure coordination of care. Additionally, we provide quarterly presentations which offer the community educational opportunities around ADHD.

Give our office a call at (608) 713-9291 if you are seeking effective, evidence based ADHD treatment interventions from someone who actually “gets it”.