LGBTQ+ Community


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

At Attentive Counseling Services, we believe all our clients deserve a safe, non-judgmental space to start their path to healing. Being your authentic self sometimes comes with fear of rejection, family pressure, workplace concerns, religious conflicts, bullying, guilt, anger, depression, or thoughts of self harm. It can feel overwhelming to navigate on your own. Our LGBTQ+ affirming clinicians are culturally competent and trained to help guide you through these specific struggles. Please feel free to call us at (608) 713-9291 to see if we're the right fit for you. 

The owners of Attentive Counseling feel that community healing and education come in different forms. They found that, as a community, we were lacking in resources and founded Yellow Brick Road Organization, a non-profit LGBTQ Community Center serving Rock County. They have since formed alliances with other organizations to provide the best support for our community. We firmly believe that together we are stronger. Learn more about Yellow Brick Road Organization here.

Transgender Clients:

Transgender individuals have specific and unique treatment needs. As one of the most highly discriminated against groups, individuals experience ridiculously high levels of Minority Stress on a daily basis. We have already done the research and you will not need to teach us. This is significant because many therapists learn about Transgender clients from their clients. It is NOT your responsibility to educate your therapist! If you are looking for an accepting therapist who understands your unique needs and will coordinate treatment with medical doctors, please call us at (608) 713-9291.

We've added Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Therapy Groups! Please check them out here under our Services tab.